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Profile of Artist - Tony Cowlishaw

Tony Cowlishaw is a professional watercolourist based in Nottingham, England, who specialises in rural landscapes, coastal and marine subjects. He exhibits original watercolour paintings which are painted in the traditional English watercolour style. They include rural and coastal landscapes of the United Kingdom including Cumbria, Yorkshire, The Cotswolds, Norfolk and areas in the south of England as well as a selection of marine paintings. He has exhibited at Nottingham Castle Museum & Art Gallery and the University of Nottingham Art Gallery.Recently he has started demonstrating at Art Societies and is also a judge for art exhibitions.

He also works in oil medium and over the past few years has completed fourteen portraits commissioned by the University of Nottingham including portraits of Their Graces the Duke and Duchess of Rutland which hang in Rutland Hall at Nottingham University.
In 1992 he was commissioned by the Nuffield Orthopaedic Centre in Oxford to paint a portrait of the retiring Nuffield Professor of Orthopaedic Surgery, University of Oxford. Following presentation, the portrait was exhibited at a reception at the Ashmolean Museum, Oxford.
His paintings represent exceptional value, at very realistic prices, are not only collectable works of original art, but are a unique investment for the future. This is reflected by the fact that Tony Cowlishaw sells several hundred paintings throughout the country each year, mainly at national craft shows throughout England. His East Anglian coastal watercolours are also exhibited in the art gallery at the Sail Loft, Pin Mill in Suffolk These watercolours are in collections, not only in this country, but throughout parts of the world.